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News from the President

December 2016: Club Newsletter from Kevin Tibbett, president Byron Bay Services Club

The big news in this Newsletter is the recent approval by the Byron Bay Council to allocate the Services Club 71 car parks near the club to settle a long standing issue with the Byron Council. The club owes many thanks to Tony McCabe for his tireless and persistent efforts in this matter for over 20 years.  Well done Tony.

Life Membership
Congratulations are in order for Keith Castle, the Vice President of our club who was awarded life membership to the club at this year’s AGM. Keith served on the board for over ten years. Keith’s business knowledge is greatly appreciated and valued by his fellow board members and it was pleasing to see him recognised by the members for his efforts over an extended period of time.

Thursday Seniors Day

David Green and Dave Edgson (Head Chef) have introduced a Thursdays Senior’s lunch. Every Thursday, seniors can take advantage of our CLUB CLASSICS menu for $7. This menu includes the roast of the day, fish and chips plus a few other dishes.  Just present your Seniors card to the cashier for your discount. The normal cost of these meals is $12 so your discount is $5.


You may have noticed the improvement in the size of the meat tray raffles. The club has decided to pay more for our meat trays from Trevor Mead, our local supplier.  Another promotion the club is running in conjunction with our membership renewals is a free laptop computer with free computer lessons. All you have to do to bee in this draw is provide an email address with your membership renewal.

Solar Panels
The solar installation at the club is in progress. As mentioned previously, our club uses significant amounts of power in lighting, air conditioners, kitchen, bar, and poker machine areas.

The club has ample roof space to install a solar system large enough to supply our power during daylight hours. This renewable clean power reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and is available every day of the year and even cloudy days do produce some power.

The initial cost for the installation of the solar panels is high, however there is the potential for the system to supply up to 40% of our total power requirement. This initial cost is forecasted to cost neutral in five to six years and the lifespan of the solar panels is expected to be 20 years. Byron Bay is an area where the reduction of carbon emissions is a community value. The installation of a renewable energy source that reduces our carbon foot print is a reflection of our community ethos.

The club has rented out the once disused storeroom near the gymnasium.  Juno, a local solar company has rented this storeroom/office which is an additional revenue raiser for our club.

David Green is waiting for some gardening advice from the Garden Club. The Services Club has gone native and replanted the garden at the entrance of the club with native plants. The old garden was overgrown and the plants needed cutting back.  We are hoping that when the native plants flower they’ll attract some birdlife.

An update on Ollie the red kangaroo rescued by Barry Pearson, myself and others on an outback holiday. Recently, when working in South Australia I called into Innamincka and  checked up on Ollie. He is doing fine, now weighs 4.3 kilos, and is starting to eat mashed sweet potatoes and apples. Apparently this is to get him to use his jaws.


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